La La Land

No doubt about it, La la Land was pure escapism. I was smiling all throughout the film, especially during that waltz among the stars. But mainly, I think it is just the chemistry of the actors that made the film so captivating. There wasn’t much story here but the way that little love story was told reminds me that all great stories aren’t really great, they were just told with a heart that felt them to the core. And this was one of those stories.

The director’s (Damien Chazelle) love for musicals is so apparent in this film that his references for all the movie routines can easily be recalled even if he did not provide the stills. See this link.  I’ve seen four of these musical references, and there’s a reason why all of them are considered classics.

So what can i say about this LA LA Land movie experience? I’m so glad i watched it. As for those saying it is overrated for the Oscars….Well, it had me at its soundtrack (all that jazz) and at the original theme song “Fools who Dream!” (Plus, I really like the idea of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling as lovers.) Those who voted for the film are probably all “fools” since they are in the business of “movie making.” So this is something they can perfectly relate to.  Let them give their loudest applause.

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